Monday, April 25, 2011

Men create the Gods in their own image

The Gods, alien or not have been part of human evolution since time immemorial. Weather they are human creation or not, Gods have been so intricately interwoven in to our daily lives that it is very hard to separate our believes from our myths. Civilizations have have always looked up to Gods as their protectors, benefactors and providers. Many of these Gods have survived the test of time through rich written cultures like the European's or through rich oral traditions as Norse or rig-vedic to pick a few.

In these seemingly endless variety of believes and myths are common themes. Mostly every mythology starts out with the same question .."How did it begin?". In one variation of the Chinese creation myth, Pan Gu had to break the primordial egg to create land and sky, or sometimes the world is the offspring of male and a female creator or the creator had to fetch the land from depths of a primal ocean like in Native American believes. Usually people come later, either molded from clay or carved from wood.

Here in this blog we will try to visit creation stories, the Gods and spirits from different cultures. I was always inclined to believe that our beliefs, Gods, myths and legends have all come from common ancestors, so if not anything this blog will just be an attempt to find our common roots. Please comment and share your opinions.


  1. Nice start... would like to learn more!!!.. but the font is not clear... not sure if it is my screen..

  2. Interesting topic Shanthan! Would love to follow your blog, get enlightened by what others wrote about creation and also give you my two cents;)
    Keep up all the best work...